Thanks to our tailored organization and animation services, we have developed our reputation. Whether for a private party, an office party, a family event or a wedding, we can provide you with the unique gaming facilities you need to transform your event into an unforgettable experience.

  • Public events (festivals, block parties, etc.)
  • Business parties
  • Family celebrations
  • Private parties (weddings, anniversaries, etc.)
  • Night events
  • Any other type of event


We firmly believe that there is much to gain in having more people getting to know the rich universe of video games. That is why we offer a wide variety of educational workshops on the world of gaming. Be it through a mobile museum, school workshops or keynote lectures, it is with passion that we share our expertise on the history and creation of video games and electronic music.

  • Mobile museum on the history of video games
  • Introductory workshop on programming
  • Workshops on making game controllers
  • Lectures on the history of video games and the history of electronic music
  • Making instruments for electronic music
  • Don’t hesitate to tell us about your specific educational needs


More than just a simple form of entertainment, video games have proven themselves to be a vector of social relations promoting communication. It is by mixing the recognized virtues of traditional team building animation with modern technology that we can offer the workshop that will give your team an innovative experience from which they will emerge more united.

Since the challenges and needs of a team are as vast and diverse as the video games allowing them to work on them, do not hesitate to contact us and we will develop a customized workshop for you.


Always in search of innovation, the team at GrosJoueurs designs and creates new concepts and new custom tailored technologies. Whether for our own events of for those of our clients, our creative laboratory constantly pushes the limits of the gaming experience. Do not hesitate to contact us; we will make your dreams a reality.

  • Giant NES controller
  • Adaptable game tables
  • Virtual reality
  • Interactive wall projection
  • Racing simulator
  • Arcade counter
  • Dance mats, custom controllers, retro consoles, etc.