GrosJoueurs is a creative organization whose mandate is the broadcasting and democratization of the gaming culture.

We fulfill this mission in a diverse event-based context geared toward the widest possible public, from families to video game fanatics. It is because we consider the human being at the heart of the game that we always put forward the interpersonal relationships, whether through our qualified entertainment staff or through our multiplayer game selection. Our knowledge of the technologies, our “geek” awareness and our professionalism place us as pioneers in the video game event niche.

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Although video games are at the heart of our lives, they would lose their interest without humans to play them. That is why our friendly animation approach and our party know-how are assets that always ensure that pleasure is part of the game.


Being passionate about video games, we are constantly on the lookout for new trends and technologies in the field, in addition to closely following the releases of underrated and innovative games. As true geeks needing to know the origins of the games, we make it our duty to know the details of the fascinating history of the games from their inception in order to better share them.


From the initial contact to the past-event follow-up including the planning process, we always ensure the satisfaction of our customers. Being in full control of our service, we will always answer your questions and ask those that will ensure that your activities run smoothly.


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